Ceiling supply units

Movita systems

The Movita ceiling supply unit has an especially high load capacity and a wide range of configurations to choose from, so it offers virtually unlimited horizontal and vertical positioning options for your OR workstation.

Dräger Agila Ceiling Arm System

The Dräger Agila ceiling-mounted arm system enhances workspace efficiency by getting devices and supplies off the floor, positioning them directly at the acute point of care, and minimizing the amount of precious workspace used.

Dräger Ponta Ceiling Beam System

Featuring a wide range of beam lengths, column types, and workstation options, the versatile Dräger Ponta beam system gives you the ability to supply and position medical equipment and devices in ways that optimize the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Wall supply units

GeminaDUO® Wall-mount System

Compact and versatile, the GeminaDUO is a vertical, wall-mounted system that can be configured to create a safe, comfortable, patient-centered environment in a variety of different care areas.


​The ergonomic, highly customizable Dräger Linea supply units provide gas, power and data to intensive care and other patient rooms. A contemporary look and wide range of design options let you create a patient-friendly atmosphere, while supporting clinical efficiency and workflow.

Workstation components

Integrated Patient Lifting Solution

Streamline your workflow and reduce risk for everyone involved while improving the quality of care for your patients with an economical, supply unit based solution for patient lifting.

Noise Display SoundEar®

Monitor and display background noise levels on your ward to support a comfortable healthy and healing environment for patients, staff and visitors