Noise Display SoundEar®

Monitor and display background noise levels on your ward to support a comfortable healthy and healing environment for patients, staff and visitors

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The problem of noise

The human ear attenuates background noise over time, a process which can lead to a loss of noise level objectivity. As a result, noise levels tend to increase during the course of the day. By measuring and displaying actual noise levels on you ward, the Noise Display provides you with valuable feedback to help you recognize and control excessive levels of noise.

Less stress for everyone

Excessive amounts of noise can cause unnecessary stress for your patients and reduce your ability to work efficiently2. Studies have shown that this stress can have a very real effect on wellbeing3,4. The brain spends a considerable amount of energy filtering out unwanted stimuli, which is why it’s easier for most people to concentrate and rest in a quiet environment5. Noise Display can help you put that energy to better use.

Visualizing sound

Noise Display shows you noise levels using a series of colored lights: Green means that noise levels are within acceptable limits, while yellow and red lights signify potentially harmful amounts of noise. This easily recognizable display provides objective information, indicating when caregivers need to reduce noise to appropriate levels.

Visible focus on patient wellbeing

Visitors will quickly recognize the Noise Display system as a significant effort on your part toward achieving the goal of total patient comfort and care. It’s an obvious sign that you are doing everything you can to make conditions as pleasant as possible for you, your patients and visitors.