Anesthesia machines

Perseus® A500

Meet the newest anesthesia machine from Dräger – the Perseus A500. Combine proven ventilation technology with the latest refinements in ergonomics and systems integration with an advanced, easy to use anesthesia platform designed together with experts from around the world to streamline your anesthesia workflow.

Dräger Fabius Plus

The Fabius Plus anaesthetic and respiratory device combines high-efficiency ventilation, ease of operation, reliability and enough space for additional equipment.

Fabius® Tiro

At its core, the Fabius Tiro anesthesia machine features our powerful and accurate E-vent piston ventilator, which gives you the ability to handle a wide range of acuity levels.

Fabius® MRI

The Fabius MRI anesthesia machine features our precision E-Vent piston ventilator technology, renowned for both performance and safety.


Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor®

​With over 400,000 units sold around the world, Dräger vaporizers have set high standards for more than 50 years. Consistent, long-lasting quality made in Germany – by Dräger.

D-Vapor 3000 / Vapor 3000

The new Vapor 3000 vaporizers offer advanced features to better prepare you for the challenges of today’s operating room – such as visibility in darker environments.

Anesthesia gas monitoring

Vamos / Vamos plus

Anesthetic gas monitor.