Vamos / Vamos plus

Anesthetic gas monitor.

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Vamos has the flexibility to meet your requirements both now and in the future.

The Vamos can be configured with CO2 and SpO2 monitoring and upgraded in the future to include monitoring for all 5 anesthetic agents and N2O.

At the heart of the Vamos is a new gas sensor developed by Dräger which incorporates the very latest in innovative micro-optic technology.

Because this sensor has no moving parts, it is particularly robust and reliable with just a small pump to maintain a constant flow of 200 mL/min for the sample gas.

The Vamos anesthetic gas monitor is a compact, flexible solution to meet your respiratory gas monitoring needs.

As your monitoring requirements change, the Vamos can be reconfigured to meet them, thereby reducing the risk of premature obsolescence. In addition to flexible design, the Vamos provides excellent long-term value through the use of the latest solid-state optical technology.