IQon Spectral CT

  • Drive your clinical performance
  • Sustain image quality and dose management
  • Become a recognised clinical leader
  • Acquire low contrast, virtually noise-free* images


  • Scan to scan consistency
  • A family of confidence
  • Lower dose with higher image quality
  • Begin reading early with IntelliSpace Portal preprocessing

Incisive CT

  • Lower cost of care with Tube for Life guarantee
  • Delivers intelligence that adapts to you with OnPlan patient-side gantry controls
  • Brings predictability to an unpredictable world with Performance Bridge

iCT Family

  • Lower dose with higher image quality
  • Advanced procedures made routine and fast
  • Future-proof platform
  • Low noise at low-energy and low-dose

MX16ᴱᵛᵒ – DS

  • Superb image quality
  • DoseRight for efficient dose management
  • Dedicated Pediatric Protocols for low dose
  • Attractive total cost of ownership via high throughput and longer tube life

Access CT

  • Enhance diagnostic confidence with superb image quality
  • See more detail across a range of patient types
  • Provide exceptional image quality for even small patients
  • Streamline workflow and reduce variability

CT Big Bore

  • Positional accuracy supports absolute patient marking
  • Flexibility for even complex simulation setups
  • The Power of two
  • 4D CT Motion Management