Dräger Ponta Ceiling Beam System

Featuring a wide range of beam lengths, column types, and workstation options, the versatile Dräger Ponta beam system gives you the ability to supply and position medical equipment and devices in ways that optimize the quality and efficiency of patient care.

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Flexible ergonomics

The Ponta ceiling system enhances your workflow by removing devices and supplies from the floor. It provides direct access to the patient as well as to gas, electricity and IT connections. The Ponta enables you to build a customized, ergonomic and flexible workplace at the point of care.

A large selection of workstation options

These customizable workstations suit to nearly every situation. Workstation C is an ideal choice for maximum conservation of space. With Workstation E, all gas, electrical and IT connections are ergonomically positioned in the column and/or head for enhanced user convenience. The swiveling arm of Workstation S gives you high positioning flexibility, allowing you to position the Workstation at the head or at the side of the bed. The H option, available for Workstations E and S, lets you route gas, electric and IT lines through flexible external hoses.

Modular design concept

The Ponta ceiling system gives you enhanced variability. Combine a wide range of different beams and workstations with poles, racks, heads and columns to create the workstation that fits your particular working environment quickly and easily.

Integrated lighting

The Ponta provides you with a choice of different lighting systems: an indirect working light, a reading and examination light or an indirect night light to enhance patient comfort and workspace utility.

Improved hygiene

Closed systems like Ponta inhibit dust collection and promote easy cleaning, even during use. This reduces your turnaround time and streamlines your workflow.