Scientific and Practical seminar on Elastography

On February 16, a scientific and practical seminar “Innovative research methods in ultrasound diagnostics” was held in Tashkent at the Hayat Regecy Hotel. The invited guest at this event was Dr. Giovanna Ferraioli (Pavia, Italy).

The general sponsor of the seminar was the company “Medical Technologies”, which is the official distributor of the company “Philips Healthcare” in Uzbekistan

In this seminar, topical issues of ultrasound diagnostics of diffuse liver diseases were revealed using shear wave elastography technology, which allows us to assess the state of the liver parenchyma structure with high diagnostic accuracy.

The opening of this event began with an introductory speech by Professor Fazylov A. A., who noted that the development of this technique and its introduction into the list of the necessary type of research in hepatology in our time is an urgent problem today.

During the theoretical part, the lecturer and the participants of the seminar discussed the clinical and technological aspects of shear wave elastography technology, as well as discussed practical issues.

In the second part of the scientific and practical seminar, Professor Ferraioli conducted a master class on the Philips Affiniti 70 device, where she demonstrated all the technological and diagnostic principles of the study on a clinical example.

In the final part of the seminar, Dr. Ferriaoli thanked for the opportunity to participate in this event and wished our specialists success in mastering and implementing Shear Wave Elastography.