MobileDiagnost wDR

Mobile digital radiography system 

With MobileDiagnost wDR, the story of DR access and flexibility from Philips continues. MobileDiagnost offers premium solutions for quality images and excellent X-ray dose management. Delivering DR where you need it, when you need it.

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Mobile X-ray system can access all hospital areas

Deliver premium digital radiography (DR) to immobile patients in all areas of the hospital. With MobileDiagnost wDR, you enjoy the excellent image quality and great workflow efficiency of a Philips premium digital radiography room in a flexible mobile X-ray system. MobileDiagnost wDR comes with outstanding maneuverability, smart system design, and motorized control.

Connectivity options for simple data transfer

Choose from a wireless or LAN connection to transfer data to and from your MobileDiagnost wDR.

Fast, high-quality images enhance patient experience

Five minutes can make a big difference to patient management, especially in an emergency situation where the patient can become unstable quickly. The efficient MobileDiagnost wDR delivers excellent image quality without losing precious time.

Wireless detector for versatile, comfortable positioning

Enjoy quick and easy exam performance using the SkyPlate wireless portable detectors and its accessories. Flexible positioning makes exams more comfortable.

Fast image availability for immediate feedback

Typical time to display for the preview image is only 5 seconds. In that same short time, the image can also be transmitted to PACS.

UNIQUE image processing for consistent image quality

This image processing software provides outstanding, consistent images for all anatomical areas. From image acquisition to reading and printing, UNIQUE optimizes every link of the imaging chain to produce outstanding clinical images and support rapid, streamlined procedures.

Eleva user interface to simplify workflow

The 17″ monitor, touchscreen design, and intuitive layout of the Eleva user interface is ideally suited to busy facilities with a high workload. The pre-settings and customized user profiles result in more automated workflow, with images available in just five seconds. Clinical image thumbnails and intuitive image manipulation allow exams to be quickly finalized.