IntelliVue MX40

Patient wearable monitor 

The IntelliVue MX40 patient wearable monitor gives you technology, intelligent design, and innovative features you expect from Philips – in a device light enough and small enough to be comfortably worn by ambulatory patients.

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Wearable for freedom of movement

Patients may comfortably move around the care unit or the hospital with IntelliVue MX40, while they are wirelessly monitored at the IntelliVue Information Center iX.

Durable, easy to clean and disinfect

IntelliVue MX40 features a unique cable connector designed to reduce collection of soil and liquids, and a case design that withstands high level disinfectants, including periodic sterilization.

Alarm management based on your clinical protocols

When in the patient vicinity or while ambulating a patient, the IntelliVue MX40 will show alarms only at the Information Center and can be configured to display and sound alarms based on your clinical needs.

Choice of battery to suit your preference

Operate the IntelliVue MX40 with disposable AA batteries or a single Philips rechargeable battery – it’s your choice

Comprehensive care with vitals and viewing

IntelliVue MX40 features a wireless short range connection to IntelliVue monitors to capture vitals signs or for more comprehensive viewing.

Clinical screens support nursing workflows

IntelliVue MX40 supports the ability to obtain derived 12-lead ECG information while continuously monitoring ST and QT, FAST SpO2, and impedance respiration. With up to 5 screen formats, the information you need is readily available with a single touch.