Ingenia Elition 3.0T S

3.0T imaging at your fingertips

The Ingenia Elition S delivers superb image quality and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster¹. Compressed SENSE accelerates in both 2D- and 3D scanning. High productivity is achieved with the help of imaging capabilities such as SmartExam², 4D Multi-Transmit and ScanWise Implant³. These advances have been made possible by a combination of new gradient and RF designs, plus acceleration technologies like Compressed SENSE. Furthermore, the Ingenia Elition S offers an immersive audiovisual experience to help calm patients and guide them through exams, enhancing the MR experience.

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Up to 60% higher spatial resolution

Fully redesigned gradients combined with Compressed SENSE acceleration technology allow up to 60% higher spatial resolution⁶ in the same scan time, revealing more details. This allows you to switch from multi-orientation 2D imaging to a single high-resolution 3D efficient scan.

Enhanced diagnostic confidence in neuro oncology

3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer) is a unique, contrast-free, brain MR imaging method. The presence of endogenous cellular proteins is used to produce an MR signal that directly correlates with cell proliferation, an indicator of tumoral activity. 3D APT can enhance your diagnostic confidence.

The basis of 3.0T image quality – Multi-Transmit RF

Philips was the first company to introduce Multi-Transmit RF to 3.0T imaging in 2008. MultiTransmit, with two different RF amplifiers, is standard for Philips 3.0T imaging. This stems from our belief that it is essential to support 3.0T image quality throughout the body.

A key to confidence with MR Conditional implants

ScanWise Implant³ helps you simplify the scanning process for patients with MR Conditional implants by providing step-by-step guidance to enter the condition values of the implant manufacturer. Your MR system then automatically applies these values for the entire examination.