Ingenia Ambition 1.5T S

Excel in your daily MR services, helium-free

Based on its new, revolutionary fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, Ingenia Ambition S lets you experience more productive¹ helium-free MR operations. The Ingenia Ambition S delivers superb image quality even for challenging patients, and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster² with Compressed SENSE accelerations for all anatomies, in both 2D- and 3D scanning. Fast overall exam-time is achieved by simplifying patient handling at the bore with the guided patient setup. Furthermore, the Ingenia Ambition S offers an immersive audio-visual experience to help calm patients and guide them through MR exams.

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Forget about helium with BlueSeal magnet

Philips BlueSeal uses a new micro-cooling technology which requires only a negligible amount (less than 0.5% of today’s volume¹) of liquid helium for cooling. This fraction of the usual amount of liquid helium is placed in the magnet during manufacturing and then fully sealed. As a result, no liquid helium can escape⁶, either suddenly during a loss of field or gradually.

Designed to facilitate low siting and other construction costs

BlueSeal magnet does not need a vent pipe, significantly reducing construction costs. Philips BlueSeal is also around 900 kg lighter than its predecessor¹, a decrease in weight that can potentially facilitate easier siting, reduce floor adaptations and further lower construction costs.

Toward uninterrupted MR operations

Relying on unique digital controllers and 24/7 e-Alerts connectivity³, Philips BlueSeal qualifies as the first magnet driven by adaptive intelligence to support a set of unique service functionalities called EasySwitch. EasySwitch solutions aim to minimise unexpected downtime in case of MR operational issues.

Accelerate exams by up to 50%

Compressed SENSE accelerates 2D- and 3D scans by up to 50% with virtually equivalent image quality². As a result, Ingenia Ambition does not only accelerates sequences, but the entire patient exam. You can now consider adding patient slots to your daily schedule.

Shorten breath holds and increase patient compliance

Compressed SENSE enables up to 40% faster scan time, resulting in breath holds down to just 5s, with virtually equivalent image quality for cardiac and abdominal imaging². Combined with the visual and auditory breath hold guidance available on our In-bore experience, Ingenia Ambition offers a unique solution to support comfortable abdominal and cardiac imaging for all your patients.

Say yes to patients with MR Conditional implants

To simplify your scanning process for patients with MR Conditional implants, ScanWise Implant⁴ software provides step-by-step guidance to enter the condition values of the implant manufacturer. Your MR system then automatically applies these values for the entire examination. ScanWise Implant⁴ empowers you to serve this growing patient population with confidence, helping to increase your referrals.

Functional and viability, designed for scanning in 20 minutes

Developed for our dStream digital broadband architecture and accelerated by Compressed SENSE Cardiac, these applications help you perform functional and viability imaging, designed for scanning in 20 minutes. Multi-slice acquisitions can be made up to 30% faster with virtually equal image quality².

Whole body MRI from head to toe in under 30 minutes

The Ingenia Ambition prodivdes high-quality whole-body ExamCard protocols under 30 minutes, drawing on our unique Compressed SENSE, mDIXON XD, and DWIBS whole-body diffusion techniques. The BlueSeal magnet’s large field-of-view and highly linear gradients support switching to fast, high-quality coronal whole-body DWIBS, a game changer for increasing referrals.

Provide an immersive visual experience for your patients

From the moment a patient is moved into the scanner (the point at which people report the most stress), through completion of the scan, the Philips In-Bore Connect solution can help patients to relax, follow directions and minimise motion. In a study, conducted using our in-bore solution, Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark managed to reduce the number of rescans by up to 70%⁵.

Boost your clinical capabilities with proactive upgrades

Our Technology Maximiser programme is designed to maximise the performance of your imaging equipment throughout its lifetime through proactive upgrades, keeping your MRI up to date. Furthermore, with Technology Maximiser Pro, your MRI system will automatically receive the latest specialty applications for your favourite clinical domain(s).