Zenition 70

Mobile C-arm with Flat Detector

Experience exceptional imaging clarity and flexibility for performing a wide variety of cases with our fourth generation Flat Detector systems. Part of the Zenition mobile C-arm family – a series of harmonised mobile C-arm that offers proven ease of use and future-fit capabilities.

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Increase OR efficiency

Time is of the essence for surgical imaging. In a user study¹ the touch control and navigational aids of Unify workflow reduced miscommunication by almost half, while Position Memory reduced (re)positioning time by 20%.

Simplify fleet use across ORs

Operators at all experience levels can easily use the Zenition 70 and other Zenition systems, thanks to an intuitive point and shoot design and on-screen guidance. The Zenition user interface is so easy, it scored in the top 12% for best system usability¹.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Extend your system’s clinical performance with the standard Windows® platform ready to incorporate new innovations and software upgrades.

Simplify set-up of your new OR

Save time and effort when setting up a new OR by having Philips organize and equip your new operating room. You can easily connect all Zenition mobile C-arms with other OR systems and your hospital infrastructure through advanced connectivity and interoperability tools, including high speed wireless data transfer.

Offer state-of-the-art care

The standard Windows® platform accommodates new software options to extend your system’s clinical relevance, while the Technology Maximizer program² offers a cost-effective way to manage upgrades over time. Windows® also supports compliance with the latest security standards to protect patient data and prevent malware attacks which can affect service delivery.

Perform complex procedures

The Zenition 70 is engineered for continuous imaging with SmartFilters’ enhanced heat management to support longer and complex procedures. Visualize complex structures and dense anatomy with exceptional clarity and dose control through advanced image processing algorithms and radiation management features.

Welcome challenging patients

Every patient is unique and the Zenition 70 helps you obtain uniquely specific image quality at efficient dose levels, regardless of patient challenges. For example, Pulsed Fluoroscopy enhances imaging of dense and complex anatomy to support you in managing dose, while our premium imaging technologies clarify tiny details and anomalies for diverse patients.

Reduce distractions

When performing a challenging stent graft or spinal fusion, reducing technical distractions and discussions can help surgical teams remain focused on the patient. With Unify workflow’s navigation aids, surgical teams experienced smoother interactions and less miscommunication in a usability study¹. Position Memory reduced frustration during (re)positioning tasks¹.

Simplify operation for users

To help improve the daily work of your medical staff, Unify workflow is designed to take the complexity and frustration out of surgical imaging tasks for novice and experienced users. Users quickly feel comfortable using Zenition, thanks to its touch controls that work like standard tablets and smartphones.

Easy to operate by one user

The system can be easily operated by one user to reduce staffing costs thanks to the easy glide movements of the fully counterbalanced C-arm and lightweight Mobile View Station.

Streamline fleet management

The standard Windows® platform simplifies software management across your C-arm fleet. With Philips Support Connect, system administrators can now perform many system tasks themselves to avoid delays and avoid costly service visits. System and wireless settings can be easily exported to all Zenition systems to save time.

Fast service and sharing

With our remote support options, we can log in on the spot to guide you through a service issue. This allows many service issues to be handled without an on-site visit to save time and money. You can speed up system diagnostics with our built-in CAT tool. The wireless connectivity option allows you to share data and images across the hospital to support efficiency.