Azurion 7 B20/12

Biplane image-guided therapy system

Perform an array of cardiac and vascular interventions with singular precision and ease on the Azurion 7 biplane with one 20” and one 12” detector. This next-generation image guided therapy platform allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimise your lab performance and provide superior care.

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Enhance visibility

With the 20” detector your vascular procedures can benefit from superb image quality and broad anatomical coverage, combined with the 12” detector on the lateral channel. This provides the projection flexibility to visualise the complete coronary tree with a large field of view. Philips image processing chain visualises small vessel details with exceptional clarity.

Obtain complex views

The unique ceiling mounted, lateral C-arms design provides outstanding support and positioning flexibility for treating complex congenital heart or vascular interventions. It can make steep cranial/caudal projections to reveal hidden pathologies. Both C-arms can be independently positioned, allowing full patient and head side access for anesthesiology/echocardiology.

Do more with flexible working

This system has been specifically designed to save time. Team members can work on multiple activities – at one or more workspots in the control and exam room – without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.

Safeguard clinical performance over time

The standard Windows® 10 platform can help support compliance with the latest security and standards to protect patient data. It can also accommodate new software options to extend your system’s clinical relevance over time.

Streamline workflow

FlexSpot enables you to efficiently view, control and manipulate all applications from a single point in the control room. This integrated, clutter-free work spot has one or two 27-inch widescreen monitors and one mouse and keyboard. From here you can control multiple external sources, set-up screen layouts and access available applications. Add more FlexSpots as needed.

Insightful Live Image Guidance

Discover the possibilities to enhance understanding and decision making during challenging interventions with Philips innovations in Live Image Guidance like SmartCT Angio and many more. All seamlessly integrated into the Azurion 7 to support your clinical workflow.

Seamless user experience to enhance decision making

To support fast, informed clinical decisions, you can control compatible applications, such as our physiology and imaging platform IntraSight, Philips Interventional Hemodynamic system and interventional tools, via the central touch screen and FlexVision Pro at table side. This allows you to confidently evaluate and decide in the sterile field, saving time and helping avoid delays.

Manage dose efficiently

Save time and manage X-ray dose with the system’s dedicated settings for pediatric and electrophysiology cases. In addition, our Dual Fluoro options let you magnify live fluoroscopic images two times without increasing dose. The MRC200+ X-ray tube with SpectraBeam filtration, Panning on LIH and Philips DoseAware further aim to have a positive impact on dose.

The ability to treat one more patient per day

This is just one of the many improvements in lab performance achieved by the Interventional Vascular Department at St. Antonius Hospital after installing the Azurion system. This first Azurion lab performance study achieved impressive results which have been verified by an independent third party. The St. Antonius Hospital achieved a 17% reduction of procedure time. [1]

Increase return on investment

We offer innovative financing solutions, a flexible service offering and a professional support network of over 7,000 field engineers to help you fully leverage your resources and enhance the return on your investment. Our broad range of healthcare consulting and education programs can help you further enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your care delivery process.

A lifetime of benefits

The concept of upgrading and expanding has been built into the Azurion infrastructure. This standardised hardware and software platform provides access to a new generation of connected healthcare applications and technologies. As new needs arise and your requirements change you can easily integrate additional functionality and third-party applications.