Expert class device at affordable prices – Philips Affiniti 30

Attention New Product!

An expert-class device at affordable prices

The Philips Affiniti 30 universal ultrasound systems are available in a European warehouse and ready for delivery to Tashkent within 15 days

Characteristics of the device:

  • Adjustable in all directions monitor holder
  • Height-adjustable control panel with up to 360°rotation
  • Automatic detection of the fabric type and continuous gain control with the AutoSCAN function
  • Single-button image and Doppler spectrum optimization iSCAN
  • Differentiation of tissues in patients of different categories
  • 3D/4D modes for visualization and analysis of bulk data (optional)
  • Quantitative Analysis module for general 3D Studies (Gl 3DQ) (optional)
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Q-App module for determining the thickness of the intima-media complex (IMT)
  • Compression elastography for breast and pelvic organs (optional)
  • Folding 21.5-inch LCD monitor
  • Touch-sensitive 12-inch control panel
  • 4 ports for connecting sensors