Dräger Polaris® 600

The new Dräger Polaris 600 surgical light combines advanced technologies to support precision and efficiency. Intuitive controls adapt the light to each procedure and individual surgeon’s need, so you can focus on what matters most – your patient.

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Unsurpassed surgical lighting performance

With the special optical system, the homogeneous light field can be adjusted incrementally to quickly provide the right focus and optimal illumination at the surgical site, helping to eliminate shadows and providing maximum performance.
The Polaris 600 is extensively tested with our unique computerized testing methods. The LED lighting, specially designed for the Polaris 600, ensures 50,000 hours of uninterrupted, high-quality performance

Easy control puts every procedure in the right light

Unique handle with Sterile Touch Control (STC) allows the surgeon to adjust the light intensity and field diameter easily and independently from non-sterile personnel right at the fingertips.
The adjustable color temperature literally puts every procedure in the right light. The appropriate light is available for every surgical field, depending on the tissue structure, individual perception or surgical application. You can switch between four modes: from warm white to cold white (3800, 4400, 5000 and 5600 Kelvin) in order to help you focus, reduce fatigue and surgical light glare during longer procedures.

Industry leading wireless technology

Optional HD camera with wireless video transfer automatically adjusts to the current light conditions and provides an unrestricted view of the surgical area.
The sterile handle no longer has to be replaced, because the camera is located directly in the light head.
The camera automatically adjusts to the current light conditions and the 120x zoom delivers razor-sharp images while the camera automatically filters interference such as dust.

OR integration

The Polaris 600 is equipped with an integrated OR interface, which allows you to control multiple devices via a central system.