Polaris® 50

The Polaris® 50, LED examination light is ideal for everyday hospital life. Whether it is in the examination room, intensive care, or the recovery room, the Polaris 50 provides high contrast, color-stable light.

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Reliable and affordable LED technology

LEDs are highly efficient light sources for clinical applications. Dräger has combined the advantages of this innovative light source with a new, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design. With an average operational lifetime of 30,000 hours, this LED technology is reliable and affordable.

Compact design, simple operation

The design of the Polaris 50 makes installation and maintenance very easy, while its lightweight construction ensures practically effortless positioning.


It’s versatile function and area of application allows you to decide where to use the Polaris 50 – as a standalone ceiling, wall or mobile version. The numerous combinations enable you to save space and design workspaces to meet your specific needs.