Affiniti 30

Ultrasound system 

Choosing a new ultrasound system is all about balance. You need accurate diagnostic information quickly, a simplified yet intuitive user interface, and easy access to critical features, along with an ergonomic design and the latest technology.

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Designed for balance

You go above and beyond to provide the best care for your patients. But you are expected to do so with less time, fewer resources, and higher patient volume. To balance these many demands, you need diagnostic information quickly. You need advanced functionality in an ergonomic system that is easy to use and built to last the daily rigors of high patient volume.

Workflow meets wow

With Philips Affiniti 30, workflow meets wow. The system addresses the everyday need to scan quickly and deliver results efficiently, while incorporating those innovations that make Philips ultrasound the choice of those who demand quality images and proven clinical applications.

Performance you can see

Affiniti 30’s precision beam forming, Tissue Specific Presets (TSP), and efficiency and automation tools deliver both performance and workflow for confident throughput. Affiniti 30 provides for exceptional 3D surface rendering performance and information to diagnose fetal structures and anomalies.

Comfort meets competence

Philips drew upon customer feedback when designing the Affiniti 30. We understand the challenges of daily scanning: the reality of tight spaces, high patient volume, technically difficult patients, and time constraints. We’ve designed the Affiniti 30 ultrasound machine with thoughtful details to help lighten your workload.

A smart investment

The Affiniti 30 ultrasound machine boasts a low total cost of ownership, making it a smart investment. To enhance up-time, it features a modular design for enhanced reliability and rapid repair. In addiont, Philips remote services* monitoring, which corrects issues using a standard Internet connection, reducing the need for service calls 3) Access to our award-winning service organization.