DigitalDiagnost C50

Ceiling mounted digital X-ray system

This performance oriented ceiling mounted digital X-ray system with a fixed or wireless detector, motorised auto-tracking, a fully digital workflow, and UNIQUE image processing, delivers diagnostic quality images for fast, efficient exams.

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Extended clinical capability

DigitalDiagnost C50 offers the versatility necessary to address a broad range of clinical applications in a cost-effective manner. Smooth operation, the latest generation wireless/fixed detectors, and cutting-edge post-processing features help assure comprehensive performance.

Ease of operation

The ceiling suspended X-ray tube moves smoothly and manually into position. The vertical stand detector slides up/down and tilts a full 900 for easy horizontal exams. With vertical auto-tracking the motorized tube automatically follows the detector.

Quality digital X-ray images

Your choice of latest generation wireless or fixed detector is paired with built-in APRs for a high level of exposure accuracy, AEC for consistent image quality, multi-resolution image processing, and optional standard stitching capabilities, to provide you with superb image quality.

Powerful post-processing

UNIQUE image processing on the DigitalDiagnost C50 harmonises contrast and enhances faint details to ensure consistent and outstanding image quality. Image display can be easily customised to suite your individual preferences.

Мощный инструмент постобработки

Технология обработки изображений UNIQUE в системе DigitalDiagnost C50 позволяет привести в соответствие уровни контрастности и выделить малозаметные детали для получения изображений высокого качества. Параметры отображения изображений можно настроить в соответствии с индивидуальными потребностями.

Integrated dose management aids

You can easily check X-ray dose and perform accurate dose reporting with the built-in Dose Area Product (DAP) meter1. The manual collimator helps capture the area of interest only and avoids unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient. Optional grids enhance the contrast and quality of the image.