Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T CX

Accelerate patient throughput with a simplified Breeze workflow

Support your clinical decisions by leveraging our imaging solutions built on proven dStream digital broadband technology, present in over 2000 installations worldwide. Accelerate patient throughput with a simplified Breeze Workflow. An intuitive user interface enhanced by highly guided and standardized examination procedures helps you perform routine MRI exams from day one. And with low installation and siting expenses, continuous uptime support and easy upgrades, you can continue to enhance your possibilities.

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Get consistent and high quality imaging with dStream digital broadband

dStream digital broadband technology and our imaging solutions help you grow your MR practice to new heights. Digitizing the signal in the coil captures the MR signal in its most pure form, increasing SNR to enhance the image quality or reduce the exam time.

Быстрое освоение рутинных исследований

Каждый оператор может без труда выполнить рутинные исследования благодаря нашим инструментам интеллектуальной автоматизации и рабочему процессу Breeze. Система автоматизирует многие стандартные задачи, такие как позиционирование стола и выбор катушек, упрощая процесс получения результатов для стандартной визуализации. Рабочий процесс Breeze сокращает количество этапов позиционирования на 34%¹, оптимизируя выполнение исследований и обеспечивая возможность их проведения для большего количества пациентов.

Reduce the need for costly remodelling

To allow your new MR to be sited in an existing room, Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T CX features a small fringe field on a lightweight magnet. This can reduce the need to make costly renovations, such as removing walls, raising ceilings or reinforcing floors.

Expand your clinical reach

Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T CX delivers access to a wide range of advanced applications for brain, body, MSK, oncology and cardiac examinations. Now you can attract new referrals and generate additional revenue.

Методы для выполнения стандартной высококачественной визуализации

Система Prodiva 1.5T CX обеспечивает доступ к таким функциям визуализации, как подавление сигнала от жировой ткани, коррекция движения и подавление артефактов от металлических имплантов, позволяя устранять некоторые из наиболее часто возникающих проблем, которые приводят к неоднозначным результатам исследования и повторным сеансам сканирования.

Patient handling and set up time faster by up to 79%²

Spend less time on patient handling and coil set up with Breeze Workflow. Short cables, small connectors and compact electronics make coil set up fast and easy. While lightweight Breeze anterior coils make it easy to prepare patients on the table.

Patient anatomies differ, our flexible coils adapt to their body shape

Breeze Anterior coils are thin and flexible, and they can be quickly and easily fitted around each patient’s body shape for fast, efficient, comfortable scanning.

A smart way to standardize your exams

Getting up to speed is fast and easy thanks to our smart user interface. It provides simple, standard guidance to help promote greater efficiency and reproducibility for procedures. The SmartExam feature automates many of your exams to streamline workflow and enhance exam consistency.

Keep transport and installation costs low

Save time and money on transport and installation with the unique compact design of this system. It is made to easily move through standard hospital corridors and doorways without widening them. You can easily fit it in rooms with standard ceilings since it offers a low ceiling height upon installation.

Conserve precious helium

The HeliumSave zero-boil-off technology is designed to elimate Helium losses even in normal operation⁴ under regular scanning conditions.

Reduce energy costs

PowerSave technology combines efficient design with smart power management to help keep energy bills consistently low.

Maintain high uptime by resolving potential system issues

Benefit from improved uptime with the support of Philips Customer Service. Our advanced remote service infrastructure continuously monitors, notifies and resolves system issues before they become critical to your daily routine.³

MRI investment strategy aligned with your budget

We offer different service agreements with Ingenia Prodiva matching your budget requirements and the capabilities of your in-house service engineers.