BV Pulsera

Mobile C-arm

From pacemaker and biventricular implants to bypass checks and AAA repair, the BV Pulsera mobile fluoroscopy system has high image quality and power you need. It provides critical insight into complex vasculature, dense anatomy, and obese patients.

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When you need extra power

Rely on a steady stream of uninterrupted imaging when performing long interventions or open surgery with the BV Pulsera mobile fluoroscopy system. Get an extra boost of power to see through challenging patients and dense anatomy with Ortho Plus and automatic high penetration mode. A 9” or 12” image intensifier is available to handle diverse clinical requirements.

See through dense anatomy and steep projections

It can be difficult to locate and orient pelvic fractures in obese patients with conventional mobile fluoroscopy systems. The Ortho Plus feature provides extra X-ray power to enhance visualisation of dense anatomies. High Definition Fluoroscopy also provides full contrast for the steepest projections, like lateral hip exams.

Simplify vascular procedures

We offer a wide range of vascular options with different fluoroscopy and exposure frame rates and optional acquisition modes, like C0₂, to enhance visualisation during demanding vascular procedures. The single user concept allows clinicians to use a footswitch and remote control to control various imaging functions from the table: Subtraction, Trace, Roadmap, or Masking.

Exceptional contrast and clarity for cardiac exams

The pulsed exposure mode produces superb image contrast and reduces movement artifacts to deliver high quality images for cardiac examinations. This supports confident decisions for a range of procedures, such as pacemaker implants, biventricular implants, and bypass checks.