Philips - the computed tomography


Easy and comfort to use 16-channel CT-scanner with compact design and moderate price. The system is effectively used to perform a large number of clinical studies, undoubtedly being an indispensable and reliable assistant for all doctors.

Ingenuity Core

The Philips Ingenuity family of CT scanners offers high image quality, reduced radiation exposure, tools for combined action and integration, high cost-effectiveness, high-quality patient care and upgrades as the medical institution advances.

Ingenuity Elite

Premium 128-slice computerized tomography. Provides a 4 cm coverage area, contains an iDose Premium package, patient-focused visualization and an innovative sampling method providing high resolution and reconstruction of thin layers..

iCT 256

The Brilliance iCT scanner is equipped with an innovative 256-layer scanner which is capable to make high quality radiographies at unprecedented speed. It is especially important that during its operation the level of irradiation of the patient is 80% less as compared with conventional devices.