Dräger - medical lighting fixtures

Dräger VarioLux

The Dräger VarioLux® provides cool, highly efficient light with the adjustable light intensity, color temperature.

The Dräger Polaris® 50 medical examination lighting fixture

Polaris 50 is ideal for everyday hospital life, which is becoming more and more challenging. In the examination room, in intensive care units or in the anesthetic room – Polaris 50 creates high-contrast, color-stable lighting. Polaris 50 is reliability and ease of operation.

The Dräger Polaris 600 surgical lighting fixture

Our operating room lights are state of the art: The Dräger Polaris® 600 operating room lighting fixture significantly simplifies the work of medical staff owing to convenient controls and flexible settings. The objective of this innovative lighting fixture, as well as the entire product line of operating room lighting fixtures, is to give you excellent illumination.