Dräger - mechanical ventilation


Carina ventilation device is designed for invasive and non-invasive ventilation of the lungs and is a unique ventilator combining the capabilities of modern resuscitation ventilators, portability and affordable price.

Savina 300

Savina 300 can meet the ventilation needs of even the most critically-ill patients, by combining exceptional ease of operation and maintenance with high flexibility, which makes it possible to use it nearly anywhere in your clinic.

Evita V300

Evita® V300 is a scalable and versatile device which ensures high ventilation quality.  To meet the changing conditions of the daily work of the clinic, Dräger offers highly customizable equipment with versatile features.

Babylog VN500

Babylog VN500, a new ventilator for newborns and infants with a wide range of therapeutic procedures and an optimized user interface.

Oxylog 3000

Oxylog 3000 plus is a new level of mechanical ventilation during transportation of patients. Offering high performance ventilation with features such as AutoFlow, integrated capnography and non-invasive ventilation, the compact and robust Oxylog 3000 plus helps to treat and transport the patients safely and provides the feedback on the effectiveness of ventilation therapy.