Dräger - equipment for nursing and treatment of neonates

JM-105 transcutaneous bilirubin meter

The Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-105 ensures consistent quality screening and cost-effectiveness for each study over its entire service life

The Dräger Isolette® C2000 infant incubator

Combines the essential microclimate neonates need to thrive with the ergonomics, accessibility and mobility required in modern nursing systems.

The Dräger Isolette® 8000 infant incubator

Isolette ® 8000 is the first device where an innovative condensation control system specifically designed to protect against infections is used. This is the latest product of Dräger

The Dräger Caleo infant incubator

Caleo® is a system for creating an ideal microenvironment for neonates with the use of advanced technologies of thermoregulation. Caleo®system is designed to ensure maximum accessibility to the child and comfort when feeding during the nursing.