Philips - ultrasound systems


Philips HD 5 system will help you to render the high quality medical aid to patients which they need. The HD5 is a full-function ultrasound system with color modes having broad capabilities, ensuring excellent image quality whereas at quite affordable price.

ClearVue 350

ClearVue 350 ultrasound system with Active Array technology fully meets the strict requirements of Philips for the quality of visualization and helps to increase the accuracy of diagnostics. Owing to its well-engineered functions, this system is reliable and easy to operate.

ClearVue 550

The Philips ClearVue 550 ultrasound system has an elegant design that is the brand identity of Philips. Active Array technology offers image quality to improve the accuracy of diagnostics. Well-engineered functions are designed to simplify the work

ClearVue 650

The Philips Ultra ClearVue 650 universal ultrasound system with an elegant design can be used in a huge variety of clinical situations and for various research categories.

ClearVue 850

ClearVue 850 ultrasonic system ensures a high level of performance, ease of use, efficiency of the working process along with ergonomic characteristics and based on the needs of the user, as well as suitable data management.

Affiniti 50

Philips Affinity 50 is an efficient and reliable ultrasound device that ensures a high quality imaging, even when examining technically difficult patients.

Affiniti 70

The Affiniti 70 is an innovative ultrasound system that meets the needs of high patient volume ultrasonic diagnostics departments and allows of getting reliable results in a timely manner.

Epiq 5

EPIQ 5 is a new trend in a premium class ultrasound, which provides an uncompromising level of clinical characteristics that meets the requirements of the most strict modern practices.

Epiq 7

The architecture of the EPIQ 7 system is the most powerful of all systems ever used in ultrasound diagnostics and this applies to all aspects of image formation and processing, so that this area of diagnosis reaches a new, more advanced level of its development.