Philips HD5 versatile ultrasound systems

Owing to the excellent image quality and the availability of Doppler modes, the Philips HD5 is suitable for both abdominal and obstetric examinations, as well as heart and vascular examinations. You can choose the device in different configurations depending on the direction and specialization of your clinic.



4 types of transducers are available:

  • Convex, linear, curved array and sector transducers.
  •    4 active connectors for simultaneous connection of all 4 transducers
  •   Registration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • 15’ screen size
  •  Automatic calculation of the intima-media complex
  •  Philips HD 5 applications: abdominal cavity, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, vessels, small organs, musculoskeletal system, intracavitary and contrast investigations
  • Imaging modes: B, M, color M-mode, CFM, power Doppler, PWD, CWD, 3D, duplex and triplex modes
  • Functions: one-key optimization (iSCAN), DICOM support, HPRF, CPA, anatomical M-mode, tissue harmonic, high-definition zoom, adaptive Doppler mode, trapezoidal mode.