Philips Affiniti 30 – an expert-class device at affordable prices

We are pleased to bring to your attention a newly designed product!

An expert-class device at affordable prices

The versatile ultrasonic systems Philips Affiniti 30 are available in the European warehouse and ready to delivery to Tashkent within 15 days системы Philips Affiniti 30

Device characteristics:

  •     Adjustable in all directions monitor holder
  •     Height-adjustable control panel can be rotated up to 360°
  •     Automatic detection of the tissue type and the continuous gain control with the AutoSCAN function
  •     Optimization of the image and the Doppler spectrum with one iSCAN button
  •     Differentiation of tissues in patients of different categories
  •     3D/4D modes for imaging and analysis of volumetric data (optional)
  •     Quantitative analysis module for general 3D investigations (Gl 3DQ) (optional)
  •     Stress-echocardiography
  •     Q-App module for determination of the intima-media complex thickness (IMT)
  •     Compression elastography for breast and pelvic organs (optional)
  •     Folding 21.5-inch LCD monitor
  •     12-inch touch control panel
  •     4 ports for connection of transducers